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Change is possible.

Don't be nervous!


I'm here to help you heal the relationships you have with yourself and others, so you can be the boss of you and your world again.


My work is integrative, which means I am trained in multiple counselling modalities and have the flexibility to find a way of working that suits you. It means there is no such thing as a 'typical' session and anything that you dislike can be avoided. Silence is not therapeutic for everybody!


My website is a bit different in terms of a counselling website, because my therapy is different. It doesn't have to fit the traditional structure (sitting, nodding) and can involve the outdoors, exercise, play, even animals. If it is a quiet space you need, with only sitting and nodding, you can have just that. Sessions are built around you, for you. Only when you feel comfortable, safe, and connected can you reach your true potential.


People come to therapy because they are stuck. Normally in a place of fear, confusion, sadness, anger, despair. I may be the last straw for men that refuse to have therapy, children that are no longer able to communicate, couples and families on the edge of separation. Anyone who believes there is nowhere left to go. You may just feel that you need a little help temporarily, and just need my help for a short while, to give you some clarity and top up the tools you need to work with.


You may simply not even know why you're here. 


Whatever your story, my role is to keep you safe while we explore your world, unsticking where you have become stuck to make life easier again. No judgement, no advice. You make your own choices, decide your own path and will leave with a new awareness of everything you are, want and need. 

You have survived. Now it's time to thrive.

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"My child smiles again. She laughs, she wants to eat with us. She has found her voice, found herself. We haven't seen this for so long. It has been transformational."
Parent of 11 year old client, Andover.

Change is possible,

no matter how impossible it feels now. Changes can be small, but consistency can make a huge difference...

Did you notice the difference between the fish bowls?

About Me
Certified Counsellor I CPCAB Lecturer I Special Educational Needs TA I
CIPD People Management 
I Qual. Children & Young People


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you"  (Maya Angelou)

I chose to help others soon after I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2010. Having tried unsuccessfully to manage a free-wheeling and chaotic lifestyle and mind, that I had been stuck in since childhood, I approached my 30s with a catalogue of moral failings behind me, broken relationships, hurt and damage that I had both caused and received, and all the material and financial implications that go with a cartwheel of madness.  The impact and the effects of which were devastating and included a stint in rehab.

I don't believe I could do what I do now, without having experienced such difficulty. Those feelings of isolation, confusion and pain, feeling like a misfit, lost and pointless, viscerally angry and sad. I decided if I could be the intervention that helped stop anyone else going into this monkey spiral, or helped get them to get out, that's what I would do.


I am now a certified counsellor/psychotherapist and a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy). Additionally I teach levels 2 and 3 for CPCAB (Counselling Professions Central Awarding Body). I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients. My practice continues to diversify with further work in equine therapy and working with offenders. 


Moving you out of the place of discomfort, is what I want to help

you with.

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Progress, not perfection.
Just a small step is still forwards.

"Don't ask a client why they are the way they are. Ask them what they would change"

 (Erik Erikson)

I have lived experience of the challenges and client groups I work with. I respect that together, I can learn to speak your language. Whether you are a child, offender, professional or someone who currently does not speak at all - you are an individual and I will accept you as you are and find a way of working with you that feels comfortable, easy, maybe even fun.


I offer a variety of approaches to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal goals, to become the version of yourself you want to be. Contact me to see how I can help you develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.   Below are some of the things I work with but the list is growing endlessly with the diversification of my clients, ongoing training and new experiences...

Abuse (all) I Acceptance I Addiction I ADHD I Affairs I Anger I Anxiety (all) I Autism I Bereavement I Betrayal I Bullying I Harassment I Confidence I Self-Esteem I Self-worth I Depression I Divorce I Emotional Regulation/Identification I Family Issues I Food (relationships with, ARFID) I Gender I Grief I Sexuality I Loneliness I Loss I Marital Issues I Neurodiversity I Negative or Intrusive Thoughts I Panic Attacks I Progression & Planning I Goals I Dreams I Reconnection I Redundancy I Relationship Difficulties I Stress I Resilience I Suicide I PTSD Trauma

  • Face to face and online sessions available. 

  • Prices are dependent on location, choice of therapy and need, starting from £50.

  • Discounts are available, please do approach me about this. Supporting you is my priority, if payment arrangements or flexibility is needed, we can discuss. 

  • Discounts for block bookings, students etc.

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Turn your back on what needs to be left behind.

Get Rhinoed.

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